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Questions to ask your interviewer

Posted on December 1st, 2021

Questions to ask your interviewer

A job interview is always nerve-wracking. However, you can lessen the severity if you are confident and can ask some questions to the interviewer. Keep in mind an interview should never be a one-way process. Same as the interviewer asks you questions you should also ask a few questions.

Here are some questions which as an interviewee, you can ask. Asking the below questions will ease your tension and allow you to know more about the organization and the role.

  1. Why is this vacancy offered? This question will let you know if the past employee was fired, had quit, was promoted, or shifted to another lateral position. Besides, you can also know if the position was created all new and the reason why it was created.
  2. When was this position last time promoted? It will give an insight into career progression. Based on this, you can know where you stand and what skills and traits you need to develop to see growth in the career and the organization.
  3. Know why the person had a promotion and what led to the promotion. Also, know if there were any preset specific metrics and goals. Also, get an idea of how long the person was in the position before being promoted. Always keep in mind - getting promoted in a year is different to getting promoted after 4 or 5 years.

  4. What would be the job challenges if I get on board? If you know this answer, it will let you know if you can proceed or rethink. You will get an idea about the challenges you would be facing in the role.
  5. How many members are there in the team? You will come to know how many members you will have to coordinate with each day. It will also give you an idea about your managers.
  6. Why do employees leave or stay in the company? This question may seem unwanted or may look difficult to ask but move ahead and ask. The answer will let you know the company’s culture and average tenure spent by employees.
  7. You also should be careful and watchful while the interviewer answers this question so that you can know if he/she is telling you the truth.

  8. What is your stand on work-life balance? This answer will let you know if you can have ample time for family and profession. Also, inquire about the steps taken towards this end. If you feel this aspect is missing, take a call based on your intuition.
  9. How good you are at employee care? This question will let you know about the company’s stand on taking care of the employees. Ask if they have medical insurances, cab facility and so on. Though these may look not so important, they a major role in employees’ overall satisfaction and income.
  10. How do you determine salary or pay range? This has become more vital these days as many companies have different pay range for remote and onsite employees. Also, know if they are rigid about where an employee works rather than how an employee works.
  11. Are there any hesitancies regarding hiring me? It is last but not least. When you get an answer for this, you can know for yourself whether you will really be hired or if your time is getting killed in unwanted rounds of interviews.

These, in short, are the questions that you should be asking your interviewer. It is not that you should be asking all these, but, you should be knowing what to ask from your end.

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