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During The Pandemic, Canadian Workers Are Exhausted But Are More Loyal: KPMG Survey

Posted on April 30th, 2021

During The Pandemic, Canadian Workers Are Exhausted But Are More Loyal: KPMG Survey

Apart from the increased stress, anxiety and exhaustion during COVID-19, the epidemic has even resulted in enhanced devotion to employers and an increased sense of purpose in the employees, learns a new opinion poll conducted by KPMG in Canada. Full-time Canadian personnel say their biggest work challenges include covid-19 exposure, isolation, increased workload and work/life balance.

4 in 5 (i.e., 80%) state their employers have treated them well during the covid, of which 18% said the initial few months of the epidemic as "troubled" but their companies pivoted, creating "positive modifications all the way." However, about half opine their workload is more than it was before the pandemic.

Emily Brine, Managing Director, Firm Management, Talent and Culture, KPMG in Canada says, "Our poll conclusions disclose that whilst many Canadians are feeling the burden of a heavy work pressure, they even feel they are making a difference during this prolonged and extremely challenging time."

She further adds, "Employees have come forward and made sacrifices to keep us safe, provide us needed services and goods, and aid keeping our economy and communities going. But, with intensifying stress levels during this third wave, the burden is on employers to continue helping their workforce in ways that both unite and inspire them."

Important Findings:
  • About half (49%) of the full-time workforce in Canada reveal their workload is "somewhat more or much" today than before the pandemic.
  • 31% tell they are so overloaded that they are on the edge of burnout or are already burnt out by now.
  • About 3 in 5 (59%) find a greater reason in their careers at present, stating they feel more engaged and motivated and that their impact is more when compared to pre-pandemic.
  • 29% are more loyal or committed to their company than they were before the pandemic; 18% were either searching for other jobs or less committed, whilst for the remaining 53% the loyalty/commitment had not altered.
  • 62% say the epidemic has shown that they can work individually.

Doron Melnick, KPMG's National Leader, People and Change Management says, "There is no question that adjusting to the work-from-home world has been a battle, with over a quarter of Canadians saying it has been their biggest challenge during the pandemic."

He further says, "Whether you have been working from home for the last 13 months juggling family life with work, or working in isolation with minimal social interaction, or having to go to work because you're an essential worker and putting in extra shifts or risking exposure to COVID, stress levels are up."

Some Other Survey Findings:
  • 36% feel that their boss better acknowledges their work to the company than before the pandemic days.
  • 36% opine they are not receiving the same chances to showcase or develop their talent/skills at present.
  • 38% feel that presently their experience and skills are not maximum utilized compared to the before pandemic conditions.

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