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9 communication mistakes we often do

Posted on October 4th, 2021

9 communication mistakes we often do

Communication is not only an art but a difficult art. If communication fails, everything fails. Here are some of the most common communication mistakes that happen at the workplace. Have a keen look at them and see if you are making them. Do not just leave by noticing communication mistakes; try to correct them.

  1. Lack of transparency:
  2. If you are a responsible person, always vote for transparency. We can never hide the truth for long. Develop a communication culture that is honest and frankly shares good and bad. Lack of transparency leads to mistrust and scepticism, and it holds very much true to organizations and businesses in the service sector.

  3. Failing to say your purpose:
  4. It majorly happens with internal communications. The majority of the organizations do not clearly define their purpose and, this is a huge problem. When employees do not get proper communication, the whole vision and mission of the company go to the back seat.

  5. Strategic priorities not communicated frequently enough:
  6. In general, many organizations do not communicate frequently enough. When strategic goals do not get communicated at regular intervals, the purpose itself is last. It is the reason why we should frequently communicate with our employees and teams. Apart from regular communication, change your communication strategy based on the outcome. Proper communication towards this end will help in prioritizing things.

  7. Not curating messages:
  8. One message for all doesn’t go well. All messages should be made for every purpose and every person. They should be clear, consistent, precise and forego imprecise nature.

    Your messages should be created and curated for a purpose. A lazy message that conveys nothing does harm. A message should carry forward and explain the real intention behind the communication.

  9. Communication isn’t consumable for people:
  10. No doubt people want communication but, this doesn’t mean they will accept every communication you send. People will consume messages that are new, timely, adequate, short, relevant, useful and interesting. Besides, your verbal or written communications should be clear, unique and inspiring. After taking all these precautions, ensure your medium of communication fits what you wish to say.

  11. Assuming the audience gets it:
  12. Not everyone can understand your communication in the first place. A few may understand the message with ease while others can’t so, it is your duty as a communicator to make your message appeal to everyone. Use language that is universal and easy to understand.

  13. Not repeating your message:
  14. Don’t forget to repeat your messages. No person will remember your message forever. When a task is not done or when something is missing, it only means the people at the other end have forgotten the message. So, make it a habit to repeat your messages until your goal or work is reached.

  15. Not quashing fake news:
  16. Communication can sometimes be fake, and such communication spreads faster than a genuine one. So, be attentive to quell fake news. You can be harsh to control such news.

  17. Not taking feedback:
  18. You leave a message and leave it forever. This method will not help your communication setup. You should also have time to take feedbacks so that you can better up next time. Be bold enough to take the feedback as it is.

These are the common communication mistakes that both organizations and individuals make. If you make such mistakes, believe us, the peril is not far away. After all, one good communication can save 100 hurdles.

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