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Tips To Follow And Myths To Skip To Better Up Relationship With Your Recruiter

Posted on August 10th, 2021

Tips To Follow And Myths To Skip To Better Up Relationship With Your Recruiter

When there is a devoted recruiter at your side, you get a job quickly and even get other benefits. They will guide and take you through every step of the recruitment process. Say, for instance, a recruiter will steer you in the correct direction in case you are not sure of what you need or where you wish to see yourself in the next job or near future. Recruiters will even open you to different roles which you may not have thought about or considered. They help you in aligning your skills and shaping your career. Above all, they know which companies and jobs suit the best.

Now you know how a recruiter can help you but do you know how to reap these benefits? If you think just by hiring a recruiter you get all these benefits, then you are wrong. You need to follow some tips and also start unbelieving some myths about them.

Tips To Stick:
  • Be transparent and honest with your recruiters so they will be able to find an appropriate role to meet your salary and career expectations.
  • Take the recruiter’s ideas and advice to heart. These could be anything. Beginning with the company to which you are being interviewed to preparing for the interview. For that instance, it can also be bettering your resume.
  • Present yourself to your recruiters as if they are your prospective employer. Doing so will give them an insight into your professional mannerism. They will make use of this and easily guide you through an interview.
  • Always have open communication with recruiters and recruitment agencies. It is the first tip to stick to though said in the last.

These are some of the tips to follow while dealing with your recruiters. Besides, following these, you also need to shed some myths and rumours.

Below are those misconceptions that one needs to stop trusting to be the best jobseeker to your recruiters.

Recruitment Myths
  • We need to pay to use a staffing agency’s services. It is the biggest myth to stop believing as candidates need not pay. Recruiters get paid by the company hiring candidates, and the candidates need not pay from their pockets. For this reason, recruitment services are always free of cost for candidates.
  • Recruiter fee paid from salary. The recruitment fee is calculated as a percentage of the wage of the candidate. However, they are paid for by the firm on top of your costs. The other way round, this incentivizes recruiters to assist you to get the highest pay possible.
  • Recruiters care only about numbers. A popular misunderstanding: recruitment is all about filling as many positions as possible that too at the quickest time possible. Recruitment, in reality, is a client services business, so by picking the wrong person for a position, both groups will be displeased. This says a recruiter runs the risk of losing both a qualified candidate and their client if they do not make a perfect match. Due to this, recruiters tirelessly work to discover the right fit for a candidate and make sure both parties have a reasonable outcome.
  • Recruiters are just the connectors and have no impact on the hiring procedure. Hiring managers of a company and recruiters often work very closely to find the best fit. To be more precise, hiring managers give high value to the opinions of their recruiters. If a recruiter thinks you are a good fit, they will pass this opinion to the company and, your hiring becomes easy.
  • Recruiters will only place candidates for advertised positions. It is not the case always. Recruiters may even have suitable companies in mind that might not be recruiting actively. Often recruiters get in touch with them to know if any vacancies are coming up which are not yet listed. This way, they will share their opinion with you if they feel you will be the correct person for the future position.
  • Recruiters do not care about their candidates. They are employed by a company and not a candidate. However, it does not suggest that they don’t think about what’s good for the candidates. In fact, both the company and the candidate are at the core of their heart and function.

Said this, now follow the above tips with recruiters and remove the above myths about recruiters from your minds.

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