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These 10 jobs are most demanded in Canada

Posted on February 9th, 2021

The economy of Canada is slowly but steadily recovering from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. There is also lift of lockdowns, curfews and restrictions as the number of Covid cases are diminishing. Besides, businesses have also begun to adapt to the changes to create more jobs in Canada. Working from home, extensive video-calling usage for online collaboration and health and safety measures are on the rise.

Although the Canada jobs saw a dip, they will likely gear up in the 2nd half of 2021. The latest survey says that more than 2/3rds of Canadian firms are at present ready to rehire the ones who got laid off due to the pandemic.

A noted human resource consulting organization predicted these top jobs in Canada for 2021.

  1. Customer Service Representative:
  2. The necessity for customer service representatives increased dramatically because of the pandemic. These people deal with clients who could be distressed emotionally. The customers wish to converse to real persons who are professionally fit to handle their situations.

  3. Registered nurse:
  4. While the whole world started feeling the shortage of nurses in the pandemic, Canada had this situation even before the pandemic. Coronavirus just amplified the demand as the number of patients who need critical care increased. The estimates say that the nation will require about 60,00 nurses by the end of 2022.

  5. Driver:
  6. This job should be of no surprise to anyone. The demand for all types of drivers is high due to covid-19, especially for the truck drivers who usually deliver medical goods to hospitals and daily essentials to shops across Canada.

  7. General laborer:
  8. There always exists a requirement for general workers across Canada. The fact is, there are more vacancies for these people than employers can actually find.

  9. Electrical engineer:
  10. The demand for them is high as different organizations depend on complicated communications system to stay functional through the pandemic. The requirement is especially, high for electrical engineers who have different skillsets that go outside the technical skills, like writing skills and communication skills.

  11. Software developer:
  12. There are two justifications to why these people are in demand: the augmenting demand of eCommerce and the widespread work from home. People who are capable of coding, designing and building apps and websites are sure to get a job in Canada within no time.

  13. Accountant:
  14. These professionals are particularly in demand during times of financial instability. They are capable of suggesting firms on matters like financial tax breakups and how to access government funds. They are even handy in making decisions on growth.

  15. HR manager:
  16. HR managers are crucial for organizations to remain active during such pandemics. They develop HR policies such as remote work besides keeping up the spirits of employees during difficult times.

  17. Financial advisor:
  18. As there’s an increasing number of people who feel financially insecure due to the pandemic, it is easy to guess that these professionals have found their place on the list. They give advice and support to such people who may be going through the difficulty to manage financial works such as debts, mortgages or rent disbursements.

  19. Tech Sector:
  20. With or without covid-19, there is a shortage in the technology field. And this is why there are immigration programs in British Columbia and Ontario that focus on the technology sector recruitment. Tech talent is highly demanded majorly in urban centers such as Vancouver, Montréal and Toronto. Immigrants are prominent in growing the sector in Canada.

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