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What is RPO?

An RPO provider's main purpose is ensuring businesses get the best permanent hires, even in difficult markets. With an RPO like W3Global, your energy, time, and expertise in sourcing, screening, and onboarding new permanent staff is saved while you get the best talent effortlessly. Typically, RPO providers have experienced recruiters and an effective recruitment technology like Talent Pathway to ease your recruitment process.

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The Typical RPO Services Are:

  • End-to-end RPO
  • Project RPO
  • On-demand RPO

Benefits of RPO:

  • High quality talent
  • Cost efficiency
  • Agile & scalable permanent recruitment
  • Global compliance
  • Reduced advertising and talent acquisition spends
  • Latest technology benefits
  • Increased candidate engagement & employer branding
  • Freed up HR
  • Better Strategic insights & recruitment procedures

Why Opt for RPO Services?

RPO services are an excellent choice for almost any business and are well worth considering as your RPO service provider. RPO providers mainly focus on effective hiring strategies and techniques. Contacting them improves each employer's brand among former and prospective employees as the team helps you build a winning brand image that will appeal to the most talented candidates. Recruiting professionals are dedicated to enhancing employer brand strategies and developing engaging employee values. They help find, screen, employ, and onboard the right talents with our customized talent analytics, recruitment technology, and new sourcing tactics while increasing business agility.


Why W3Global RPO Solutions?

In simple words, we deliver the solutions that drive your recruitment forward

W3Global strives to be the world's best strategic human capital placement partner, delivering diverse, agile, and talented workforce solutions. By focusing on the needs of our esteemed clients, we provide employers with the best-talented employees. Having decades of experience in the booming recruiting and staffing industry, we combine industry expertise, proven execution, and creative thinking to deliver innovative workforce solutions. We aim to provide a qualified, dynamic workforce to suit your unique needs wherever and whenever needed. We are a team of experts in all aspects of talent management. We offer full-service talent acquisition and management solutions. By leveraging our talent acquisition services, companies can maximize their ROI by hiring qualified experts through us.

Our proprietary, cutting-edge technology platform - Talent Pathway, makes it convenient to maintain a vast database of candidates in several domains. Hence it's easy to source, screen, and hire skilled employees. Our innovative workforce solutions measure candidates' track record of performance metrics along with their commitment and loyalty. We focus on niche markets, and our extensive networks allow us to match client requirements with the best talent. This approach is scalable and can hire people based on the unique skills demanded by the job, reducing recruitment costs and increasing the effectiveness of clients' workforce.

What Do Our RPO Services Do?

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are customized and tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. In collaboration with the client, our in- house team provides firm support throughout end-to-end acquisition with profound knowledge, experience, and skills. Making people's goals a reality is our passion. As a leading recruitment firm, we connect people with exciting opportunities across an array of office, industrial, and service-related occupations. Hence, we create opportunities for career prosperity and help clients hire the perfect talent. We deliver world-class talent acquisition solutions with a competitive edge to hire top talents with agility and scalability by utilizing our best-in-industry leading technology, Talent Pathway. Our expertise and caliber in Recruitment Process Outsourcing provide hiring and staffing services from anywhere, anytime. In addition, we admire ourselves for having the comprehensive database stored in our inbuilt Applicant Tracking System – Talent Pathway that meets and solves compliance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and other recruiting challenges of multiple positions across several industries.

It's Time to Outsource Your Recruiting Needs to W3Global

Entrust your recruitment requirements to us as we efficiently handle the hiring process on your behalf. Recruiting and staffing is a tremendous task requiring ample time in sourcing profiles, interviewing shortlisted candidates, conducting technical tests, screening, and finalizing. We pride ourselves on having a proven track record of successful recruitments. We screen applicants for you based on their experience and background. Our main motto is to ensure a higher quality candidate and less stress for you in looking out for candidates yourself. With the help of our RPO services, your organization will benefit from better employee engagement and higher ROI. And, of course, we will provide an excellent time-to- hire ratio. We constantly update ourselves on the latest trends in recruiting technology, expanding our strategic boundaries by combining our expertise with the most qualitative AI-based and human-aided technology to help you find the right candidate.

What Will You Get?

Significant Value to Your Company

Our proven track record and capability can efficiently handle hiring and retention issues. Our experienced team has a vast knowledge of the latest technology, including regulations governing the various positions, along with the know-how of compliance issues.

Excellence Through Operational RPO Models

We handle your permanent workforce needs that benefit your business, including process excellence, scalability, technology stack, and market intelligence.

Recruit top-tier talent for your organization with our business-driven solutions tailored to each individual or organization's needs. We believe that the key to successful RPO implementation is keeping abreast of technological change and providing more services than ever. We offer an ideal solution for each client as per their business requirement. Trust us for the best-in-quality RPO implementation for your company.

Our customized solutions fall into five broad categories based on individual requirements.

  1. End-to-End RPO

    End-to-End RPO is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to screening to conducting interviews and everything involved in the pre & post-selection process. By facilitating the employee onboarding process and workflow management, we ensure requisition approval by becoming a seamless part of your hiring team. Ultimately, we will help you create an employer brand and a great candidate experience.

  2. Project RPO

    With this RPO model, we help organizations find, build, remodel, and optimize talent as it increases recruiting effectiveness, giving your organization a competitive edge. We believe better hiring creates a more effective environment for management and executives as it boosts the company's overall performance.

  3. Selective RPO

    Selective RPO is the best choice for filling a specific position, as it addresses specific internal processes within a company. This model focuses on particular aspects of the recruitment process and is most effective for short-term or temporary needs. The Selective RPO focuses on specific components of the recruitment lifecycle, allowing you to retain your recruiting strengths and outsource your hiring weaknesses. By outsourcing us, a portion of the recruitment process, you can avoid hiring bottlenecks and maintain your in-house recruiting capabilities. Especially while recruiting for specific niche roles, this type of recruitment service increases your agility by eliminating the need to advertise jobs.

  4. Recruiter on Demand (ROD)

    With our Recruiter On-Demand RPO model, you can access our industry's expertise- leading recruiting professionals with proven talent acquisition solutions. We incorporate technology, predictive analytics, and experience to deliver a unique solution that helps you enhance your organizational growth. Contract with us for real-quick hiring of the potential workforce for your business or organization.

  5. Contingent Recruiter on Demand

    We have a dedicated team of experienced recruiters to help companies meet business demands faster by quickly bringing additional recruiting resources in through our contingency contracts.

    The contingent recruitment model is an alternative to traditional hiring techniques. It is cost-effective based on a cost-per-hire basis and shortens the time it takes to fill positions. Whether you need positions filled or advice to build up your internal hiring practices, we have the expertise to get you started.

    We provide the right technology and experts to help you hire the right talent for your business. Use our services to help transform your business into a high- performing, lean, efficient powerhouse of productivity.