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Study Says Canada Is The New Desired Country To Work For Foreign Nationals

Posted on March 23rd, 2021

Study Says Canada Is The New Desired Country To Work For Foreign Nationals

Pandemic has changed the status quo; Canada has replaced the US as the top nation where the foreigners wish to work. The change is the outcome of various factors like government policies, pay scale, and covid. A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network has confirmed this to this extent.

The study has also stated that the pandemic played a major effect regarding working abroad. It said that on the whole, people are inclining to move to the countries that did their best in containing the covid.

The study further said that people, in general, are not much interested in working abroad. Just about 50% of people who participated in the survey expressed interest in working in foreign nations. The lesser eagerness to relocate was said by participants in almost all every country across the globe.

The survey was conducted in 190 nations and had about 209,000 participants.

"Restrictive immigration policies have already weakened the mobility trend," said Rainer Strack, a senior partner at BCG and one of the authors of the study. "COVID is a new problem that is making people wary about thinking international shift. And with the increase of remote working, many may feel that they can further their careers virtually, without needing to move at all."

Almost all the nations that went up in the upper 10 positions have a comparatively low prevalence of Corona cases. The top list consists of Canada, Australia (presently 3 rd amongst global workplaces), and Japan (now 6 th ). Besides, 2 Asia-Pacific nations that have earned admiration for their public health policies include New Zealand and Singapore—appearing on the listing for the first time.

Concerns about the coronavirus reaction in Europe added to a drop for many formerly popular countries. France and Germany each slipped 2 spots in the rankings. Spain and Italy completely missed their place in the top 10 listings.

Views toward the world's most prominent cities likewise indicate their countries' covid responses. Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and New York presently are deemed way less appealing as work locations than they were in the past. Singapore and Tokyo have risen in attractiveness, so did Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A New Type of Mobility

Whilst there is lesser readiness to relocate to a distant nation presently, the survey indicates an increased enthusiasm to stay in one’s own native nation and work for an overseas employer. 57% of people said that they are ready for such kind of employment.

Turning the tables, the US took over Canada as far as remote international work is concerned.

The overall readiness to remote work is majorly high amongst people in the digital and information technology fields. 71% with analytics or digital backgrounds stated they are ready to get employed for an organization with no bodily set up in their own nation. The same was the case with 67% of IT & technology people and 62% of people with master’s degrees or above.

"Hiring people from other nations is not a new procedure for employers," said Pierre Antebi, a co-managing director of The Network and one of the authors of the report. "But the trend of virtual working makes it possible to do it on a broader scale and expand the available talent pool."

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