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6 Practical Tips To Write Appealing Job Postings

Posted on May 24th, 2021

6 Practical Tips To Write Appealing Job Postings

You are a recruiting firm, one of your clients has asked you to fill a position or, for that instance, there’s a new job in your company itself. Now, how do you fill it? If you are under the impression that writing a job post is more than enough to pull highly qualified talent, you are on the wrong track. Everyone does the same, and unfortunately, everyone receives more unqualified applicants than qualified ones.

So, how to avoid this bottleneck and attract befitting candidates. The answer- you need to write a highly compelling job posting. If you don’t know how to do this, these tips will help you write one.

Do Not Cut Short The Details:

Imprecise detailing of job post will surely deter good contenders from applying for the opening. The top talent always has many options in the job market; they will simply skip the job postings with vague information. They don’t feel the need to apply for every post they come across. If they do not come across what they are looking for in your ad, they will just skip yours and move to the next.

Attracting the best people is art so make sure the job posting details everything. It should clearly mention the role’s responsibilities, reward, training, expectation, progression, culture and whatnot. Take time to know everything from your client regarding the job opening. Followed by this, write your ad.

Mention Compensation:

Another annoying thing for the serious and talented people is not finding the information about salary on the post you share. Income is a massive element as far as making career decisions are concerned. So, just phrases like competitive salary, industry standards, uncapped bonuses or market rates will not do the trick for you.

Candidates take the position forward and aid in accomplishing a company’s goal. It is natural for them to know what they would get in return for this. An impressive and detailed compensation package with bonuses will surely make candidates click the apply button.

Be Clear About Your Expectations:

If the job ad doesn’t decipher at least what is needed and what is expected, it is but natural to see only non-serious candidates apply for the post. Once you’ve enticed the candidate with an exciting job description and an attractive package, you’ve earned the right to ask exactly what you want in return. However, while you are asking what you want, make it a point not to use a negative sounding tone and being rude. Although we cannot stop every unwanted application, this method will at least reduce the number.

Use Keywords:

Using appropriate keywords will help your posting appear in more searches and this will lead to more views. So, this means more relevant applicants. Do proper research on how to search keywords and place them for optimum results.

Strong Call-to-Action:

This so-called call-to-action (CTA) is overlooked by many, but it is the most powerful marketing phrase that will do the trick to you. A properly conveyed CTA with emotional touch will provoke an instant response from your target audience. You can also add a secondary CTA.

Promote Through Every Available Channel:

It is a wise decision to make the ad available on every platform once the ad is posted. Don’t restrict the post to your website alone. Make it available on every relevant channel that will attract prospective candidates. There are many automated tools to post your ad on multiple platforms; make use of them.

Follow these tips you are sure to fill the vacancy with the right person in less time.

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