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Experts Opine These Jobs Must Not Be Automated

Posted on March 9th, 2021

Businesses across all the industries are more and more turning towards automating repetitive works, and of course, for a good reason. Computers, robots and machines can increase processes, improve productivity, and save employees’ time. However, some jobs need human emotion, intelligence and creativity and such jobs cannot be replaced with machines and automation.

Here are such jobs according to the members of the Forbes Technology Council who say automating them can never be fruitful.

  1. Management:
  2. The rapport between an employee and a manager is extremely important. This collaboration must never be mechanized. The council feels leaders should stay to bring in vision, nurture a clear-cut direction and inspire trustworthy collaboration. More than all, they feel management should stay to build tomorrow’s leaders.

  3. Sales:
  4. Although every sales seminar, sales book teaches us some sales technique, these have never closed the sales in reality. The same will be the case if automation is implemented in sales. Automation may help us reach the right target, schedule an appointment, and explain the USPs but can never help closing a deal.

  5. Security Analysis:
  6. Countless incredible tools aid in detecting security threats, but these tools can never play the role of security teams. They can never be in a position to trace or solve security threats which the security teams do. Guessing and analyzation is the key here which, only humans can do.

  7. Copywriting:
  8. Copywriting is an art and intuition. Without any further saying expecting AI to do these is simply a high demand. Although a few programs can develop sentences, articles, or scripts, they can never have the creative bend. AI misses the main element of writing that is called perspective. Writers give new angles and come up with unique ideas every time they write and, this is literally not present when AI is implemented.

  9. Law Enforcement:
  10. Automation must never be allowed to take over the work of law enforcement officials. Guess what will happen if an AI arrangement falls into the hands of the wrong people or the ones with cruel intent. Such setbacks overweigh more and make mechanization not a good option for law bodies.

  11. Complex Problem-Solving:
  12. It is always good when time and operation costs get saved due to automation but to what extent. It may be better for repetitive works and predefined problems but what about solving unexpected problems and more complex issues. Without any second option, AI can never aid. As far as problem-solving is concerned, automation can only assist humans but can never replace them.

  13. Customer Service:
  14. Although automation has gone a long way in dealing with customer-centric issues. Many customers, most of the time, crave to speak to human representatives. The logic is simple and the same as the above: complex problem-solving. Customer service entails problems other than the ones which the IVR can help.

  15. Healthcare:
  16. Which machine can replace human empathy, compassion and understanding? Although mechanized health monitoring devices are very useful for doctors and patients. The care which medical staff gives people can never be replaced.

  17. Piloting Vehicles:
  18. Handling vehicles effectively can never happen with machines. Think of the disasters linked with the Boeing 737 Max. The software can be a good assistant but can never surpass the human brain when vehicles meet emergencies while on the road or in the air.

  19. Software Development & Engineering:
  20. Software development and engineering jobs must be automated only to a minimum. Theorizing new ideas ask for the inventiveness of the individual brain. Creative innovation is the foundation of developing software for any need. Humans are always at the back of any machine and software that is made to automate business.

  21. Human Resources:
  22. At the back of every great technology is an individual. So, an individual should always be present to look after other human beings in the organization. A person alone can understand the concerns of other persons. An HR person is always a better option to look after employee issues than an HR Tool.

  23. Motivational Jobs:
  24. Motivation is one task that always demands acting on impulse and talking as per the need. So, it is clear that machines that are predesigned can never do this. Motivation is not only the most difficult task but is also the one that asks for a personal connection and engagement. On any given day, human help is more appealing than robot help.

  25. Arts & Educational Jobs:
  26. Jobs aided by machine learning are better restricted to data analytics and specialists. Psychosomatic behaviors like creativity and empathy stop automation from replacing the roles that people want to have done by other humans. Artists, cooks, journalists, and teachers all are professions that involve creativity, kindness, and human interaction. These jobs can only be aided and supported by mechanization, not substituted by it.

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