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6 onboarding mistakes to avoid

Posted on January 20th, 2022

6 onboarding mistakes to avoid

Approximately one-third of new employees leave their employment after nearly 6 months. Employee first days (even months) are important to script a success story in the new role. To be true, the same 1/3rd know whether they will stick long or leave soon. All this happens within the period of onboarding time. Proper onboarding will leave a profound effect on new employees. In fact, new recruits can easily know the company standards by the way they are onboarded.

Small mistakes during the time of onboarding can easily give negative vibes to the employees. If a company wishes to see lesser exits, an effective onboarding strategy should be followed. Without a clear and proper formal onboarding procedure, new hires cannot get a direction regarding where they will be in the near time. So, it is better late than never to avoid some common onboarding mistakes.

Here are the most common onboarding mistakes to be avoided. Avoiding them will not give a negative impression on the newly selected candidates.

  1. Failing to get ready for their coming.
  2. This is the biggest mistake a company can make--not preparing properly to welcome new employees. Without an orderly onboarding process, personnel may exit with a terrible opinion of the firm. Make sure all phones, logins, access to different applications and platforms, and computers are ready to go on the very first day. Besides, make a detailed calendar for the 1st week, it will calm down the nerves of new employees, and also give them a feeling that they are valued members and that their work is key for the organization.

  3. Not putting clear-cut expectations from the start.
  4. A key phase of onboarding is trying to know an employee’s goals, describing the corporation's goals, and then working out to line up the two. According to a survey, just 50% of employees were explained about what to do in their first place; check if your company is in this 50%. Without clarifying expectations, it is not possible to scale achievements. In this wake, it can lead to employee’s burnout and leave him/her unmotivated.

  5. Over-dependence on employee shadowing.
  6. Whilst there is a place and time for employee shadowing, it is not a viable onboarding process. As time passes, new hires will learn this automatically, and there is no need to overdo this.

  7. Failure to give feedback soon and often.
  8. Getting onboard is a procedure of generating successful habits and prospects. Feedback makes sure that new employees are developing the right habits and modifying anything that requires to be changed.

  9. Not having a continuing procedure in place.
  10. Replacement of employees is pricey so, onboarding must be an ongoing practice; it is difficult for employees to understand expectations and responsibilities in a day or even a week so, ensure you have a second-round if needed. Focus to allow employees to know what they should know and prepare them for that slowly but steadily.

  11. Too much information:
  12. This is the biggest mistake HRs do, don’t try to just load the information on new hires. Be slow, be patient and rest the new hires will do for you. There are days that come wherein you can give other not so important information.

So, check if your onboarding process has these mistakes and stop them immediately to see lesser exits.

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