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21 Skills That Propel Your Life And Career Simultaneously

Posted on May 18th, 2021

21 Skills That Propel Your Life And Career Simultaneously

Evolution is incomplete without polishing the skills you already have and develop new ones with each passing day. The minute we don’t enhance skills, we age physically but not emotionally. In this fast-paced world development of skills should be an everyday routine.

Here are experts’ recommended skills which you should not only have but also improve them every minute. Without this, there’s neither personal progression nor professional growth.

  1. Communication— bear in mind, we are social beings. So, the better we communicate, the better persons we are.
  2. Adaptability— one can develop adaptability towards situations and persons over time. But, if you wish to conquer it, you should be willing to adapt as quickly as possible.
  3. Managing— when we say this, we don’t mean just management of others; we mean self-management.
  4. Motivating— motivation is the mantra to outperform. Always motivate yourself and others.
  5. Resilience— the importance of resilience grows thousandfold in adversities. With it, we emerge stronger than before. The toughness makes you ready for any challenge and change.
  6. Collaboration— as said above, we’re social beings so, we ought to collaborate. Effective teamwork is seen only with proper and meaningful collaborations.
  7. Leadership— this skill set is the need of the hour and ever. The adage, leaders are born may be true or not. However, all of us can be leaders and develop this skill. Let us believe leaders are made and move towards this.
  8. Problem-Solving— being a problem solver is good, but how do we be one. Well, develop lateral thinking, innovative approach and more than all be emotionally intelligent. Also, be a calculative risk thinker.
  9. Proactivity— proactiveness doesn’t ask to wait till a problem arises or an opportunity knocks. Proactiveness improves our productivity. So, just be proactive.
  10. Contingency Planning— the world is unpredictable, but we should be ready for this. If we haven’t made a plan B, then we are sure to perish. Always be prepared for emergencies.
  11. Prioritization— priorities and demands are always there both in home and office. Nevertheless, if you know which can wait and which cannot wait, you are half done and fully peaceful.
  12. Emotional Intelligence— effective EI should start within us. Universal wellbeing and improvement are not going to happen without this. If we can observe keenly, leaders are the ones who have this skill. Said this, shall we move an inch and be leaders instead of followers.
  13. Empathy— this should be the breath for us. Without sympathy and soft corner, we never can progress nor develop healthy relationships. Demonstrate this quality without any second thought.
  14. Innovation— innovation isn’t just developing new products or writing new codes. It is thinking for the future. Innovative thinking fosters a collaborative environment and successful outcomes.
  15. Project Management— let us think of life as a project and dig into how to accomplish it successfully then no one needs to explain to us how to successfully accomplish other lesser projects in life.
  16. Intrapreneurship— the minute our minds start thinking this way, we are increasingly working towards our organizational goals and our goals too. The world needs more intrapreneurs who are future entrepreneurs.
  17. Attention to Detail— one should see a bigger picture than confining to a lesser one. When new things come across, ponder over them. Think in and out of the box to know exactly how it will (may) shape in the future.
  18. Fast Learning— when there is a change in technology for every minute, why not there be the same scenario in the things we learn. We should be impatient as far as learning a new thing is concerned.
  19. Commercial Acumen (Including Displaying ROI) — with this skill, one can adopt pragmatic thinking, finding and balancing. These 3 will pave the way to a systematic analysis of trends and monitoring of competition.
  20. Analytical Skills— without analytical skills, the ability to discover solutions does not happen and, when this doesn’t happen, concrete decisions and systematic action plans can never happen.
  21. Presentation Skills— presentation isn’t just PowerPoint Presentation. It is the emotional connection that takes place through the words you speak and the letters you write.

The above skills are just as vital for life as for careers.

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