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Learning These 10 Languages Is A Must To Be A Programmer

Posted on February 18th, 2021

Are you considering to be a developer or a programmer then, your thought process is in the right direction? When we say right direction, we mean that unlike many other professions that see ups and downs due to automation, lack of positions or pandemic, these programming and developing jobs are not affected by these situations.

The average salary is also not less. Programmers on an average make $89,590 in a year. But all these good things only follow when you know what you want to do precisely as various coding languages serve varied purposes.

Here are the 10 languages for you to learn if you wish to be a developer.

  1. Python - if data analysis, scripting, machine learning, Internet of Things and web development interests you, learn Python. Besides giving you an entry ticket to these jobs, it is also a bit easy to grasp.
  2. JavaScript - if your passion lies in making websites collaborative and interactive enrol yourself in JavaScript language.
  3. The Go Programming Language - learning this language will enable you to build reliable, efficient, and reliable software.
  4. Java - if working on computer apps, games, programs and, web applications is your dream, learn this language. You also get to learn a lot about robots and the Internet of Things with this course. However, know that Java is deemed tough for novice programmers.
  5. C# - it is just excellent for web applications, games, apps (especially Windows apps) and websites. This course also opens doors to jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  6. PHP - if you wish to give your hands some work at the website’s back-end programming, then PHP is for you.
  7. C++ - For programming applications, web browsers and games, this is the subject one should learn. Although notoriously hard to learn, having a grip on this language will give an edge and set you apart from other programmers.
  8. C - this language will make you fit to deal with operating systems, databases and compilers.
  9. R - The globe always wants people who can conduct statistical analysis and do data research and if you wish to be one, learn R language.
  10. Swift - to develop software and apps for Apple, learn Swift.

So, now you know which languages will give you a break this year. If you wish to be a programmer, learn one of the above or as many as you can. However, W3Global suggests that you should first know which of the above subjects make you comfortable and your heart finds enthusiasm. Once you find your calling learn the language that fits your interest.

You can search for programming and coding jobs here. Good luck!

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