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These 10 careers are currently the best options

Posted on June 10th, 2021

These 10 careers are currently the best options

While engineers and doctors rule the global employment market, there are also other career options that are very promising. These careers will remain booming for the coming next 10-20 years. Have a look and see if you can be part of them.

  1. UX Designers:
  2. Creativity and technology are a great combo in this ever-changing world. As food, fashion, education, and medical assistance move to websites and apps, the requirement for those capable of designing interfaces that establish satisfying interactions between persons and services or products is increasing.

  3. Digital Media & Marketing Consultants:
  4. Marketing today is digital and is driven by digital content like blogs, podcasts, online events, and films. Persons with a flair to watch, measure and influence online trends are valued hugely by companies across the sectors.

  5. Customer Success Managers:
  6. People abilities are never out of trend. Customer success managers who work with users to best use software or system, educating them, assisting them to articulate their necessities and interacting with technologists to tailor products are in high demand.

  7. Teachers, Professors and Counsellors:
  8. With universities and schools offering new courses across the globe — both offline and online — the need for educationalists across levels and disciplines has grown: from professors to primary school teachers to education counsellors who can assist people with these courses.

  9. Talent Managers:
  10. As firms rearrange their business policies, they even require human resource personnel who can locate and appoint the best genius for a position. Those who can prepare and reskill present and future leaders are in high demand.

  11. Digital Content Creators:
  12. The unsung champions of the epidemic are these people. Illustrators, writers, animators, and filmmakers who can visualize data, make product presentations, write captivating blogs, engage old and new clients and also educate billions are the need of the hour.

  13. Industrial, Product, Architectural and Interior Designers:
  14. There is an incredible demand for the ones who can create human-safe and user-friendly products by making use of evolving technologies. With WFH and social distancing changing homes, offices and shopping centres, a remodel of all places is imminent. These jobs marry technology with visual-spatial creativity.

  15. Biotechnology:
  16. This highly interdisciplinary discipline that combines biology with agriculture, medicine, engineering, statistics, chemistry, environmental science and even computer science opens numerous opportunities. Applied research jobs are increasing across pharmaceuticals and food technology companies. Engineering jobs in medical devices manufacturers, diagnostic centres, clinics and hospitals are increasing, so are bioinformatics and biostatistics jobs in clinical research firms.

  17. Data Analysts:
  18. Data science comprises much more than just mathematics. It is about understanding the data through essential thinking, the why behind noticed trends, which needs interdisciplinary skills to compare diverse things like the smart phones’ sales with binge watching. It is about data visualization which, generates art that narrates tales from noticed data. There is an increasing demand here for writers, psychologists, artists and people with liberal arts education.

  19. Computer Science:
  20. For the ones with a passion for coding, the software field offers numerous openings. Fields such as machine learning and cybersecurity being the top demanded ones. Surprisingly, there are lot many ways to get into this field even without going to engineering colleges. Say, for instance, the ones who master Python and Java Script without an engineering degree.

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